Many people have this question in mind. Let us try to answer this from Astrological point of view .

In Astrology, Planet Mercury is considered for Confidence, communication & creativity. It is going to transit in its own zodiac sign Gemini which represents the respiratory system, nervous systems, bronchial tubes, lungs function, etc in body.

So when it moves to Own sign Gemini, it is expected that it should bring overall confidence level high in public and help in improving immune systems in general, that can finally help in fast recovery rate, reduce fatality rate and reduction in new cases means overall improvement in the current situation. Mercury will stay in Gemini for 68 days from 25th May till 1st August 2020. There is a high chance that researcher may get more clear details about cause of recent deaths and develop some techniques for remediation.

Apart from this, it should help in fast growth in business activities like transportation, airports, financial transactions , public places, parks etc.

During this time, People may use their sharp intelligence, innovative ideas and analytical thinking to change the work environment. People with roles like financial advisors, intellectuals, newspaper
editors, software engineers, accountants, experts in analytical works, astrologers will be in more demand.

Why this transit is different?

Generally Planet Mercury takes approximately 18 days to cross one Zodiac sign, but this time, it is going to stay in Gemini for 68 days from 25th May till 1st August 2020. Before this, Planet Mercury stayed 82 days from January 13 2020 in the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius which are ruled by Planet Saturn and generally known for slowing down the things.

So Let us see how things moves in next 68 days , till the time take maximum precautions, Maintain social distancing.

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Deepak Kuumar

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, an Entrepreneur and worked as an IT Consultant for many multinational companies in India & mostly aboard. He is passionate about Understanding Vedic astrology  scientifically  and bringing accuracy in prediction. He is  practicing it for more than 20 years. 

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