The season of re-generation, regain of vitality and healing starts from 16th of July 2020 for next six months. This is also considered season of reunion and season of growing up. We generally see rains, autumn, and winters in this period of year. Day by Day, ”Day time” will start reducing and “Night time” will start increasing. The thirsty plants and animals fanatically drink and soak in the elixir of life and regain their vitality. It is also the season of festivity. All the major festivals from Krishna Janmashtami, through Gauri, Ganesh pooja, and Nava-ratri, on to Deepavali are celebrated during this period. Earth also heals during this movement of Sun.

Every year, it appears from Planet earth that Sun moving from South to North direction for six months and again going back from North to South in next six months. When it moves from South to North, it is called Uttarayana (Northward Direction) and when it moves from North to south it is called Dakshinayana (Southward Direction). With respect to fixed Group of Stars in universe prospective, when Sun enter zodiac sign Capricorn then it starts its Northward journey and finish it in Geminin. When Sun enters Zodiac sign Cancer, then it starts southward journey and starts the beginning of rains, autumn, and winters and festival season.  It is the period between Karka sankranti and Makara Sankranti as per the sidereal zodiac and between the Summer solstice and Winter solstice as per the tropical zodiac.Sun Movement for Next six months

Planet Sun is considered King of Planetary system and it represents administration.  it is considered source of light and life. It also represents will power, self-esteem, intelligence, clarity, self-realization, and health.

16th July 2020 – 16th August 2020 into Cancer – People mind may start getting clear direction about how to move forward and start making future plans with confidence .

17th August 2020 – 16th the Oct 2020  into Leo –  Leo is own Sign of Sun , where Sun become powerful . People may expect that Administration handing ongoing situation powerful way. During this time Mars will also transit into its own Sign Aires , where Mars also become powerful, so it is expected that Government Decisions , Automobile industry, defences deals ,Engineering ,oil Prices  and military commanders are more in news.

17th Oct 2020 – 16th the Oct 2020 into Virgo – Financial Market, Taxation may be more in news.

16th Nov 2020 – 15th Dec 2020 into Libra – In Libra Sun get Debilitated and become weak. Analysis to be provided later.

16th Dec 2020 – 13th Jan 2020 into Sagittarius – Analysis to be provided later

During next 6 months – important planets transits are

12th July 2020 – Just Before Sun enter into Cancer, Mercury change their direction to forward direct on 12th of July. It may help in restoring communication and transportation medium very fast and should be good for financial market.

Mars Transit in Zodiac sign Aries (16th August 2020 -3rd Oct 2020, 24th Dec 2020 22nd – Feb 2021)

It is a fiery sign and its colour is bright red. It is ruled by Mars means Energy, active, strong, aggressive commanders, executives, manufacturers, military and para-military forces, police. It provides best quality of thinking power with clear direction. So It is expected that when Mars transit to Aries, military commanders may be more in news, speeches  of various top leaders  may contains more anger and create a high tension  environment  worldwide and Energy prices like Crude oil price increase very fast and during this time it may be traded in very high range  level again. outdoor sports like football, cricket, hockey etc.  pick up momentum. It is expected that during this period manufacturers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, mechanics, and Properties prices once again start picking up.

20th September 2020 – Rahu & Ketu will move to Scorpio and Taurus – Both shadow planets will be in sign of their Exaltation, so it is expected that it will bring good fortune in general.

13th September 2020 – Jupiter will change its direction to forward direction, this movement of planets will further add some positivity in general.

29th September 2020 – Saturn will change direction and start moving forward. It is expected that Over all situation and market condition will further improve and may be oil prices start picking.

20th November 2020 – Jupiter will come to Capricorn where it become debilitated, and it is expected that religious groups news will be more in attention.

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