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In business, dealing with uncertainties is common and Entrepreneurs in particular have a challenging job to maintain. While they will enjoy success when things are moving in the right direction, they also need to remain forward thinking to determine future prospects, manage their finances, deal with legal issues and predict future trends so that they may maintain their success and growth. Staying motivated through difficult times can therefore be a difficult task. We are here to help you identify any important aspects of business using an old Vedic tool that will help you maintain the momentum required to stay successful.

Helping Strengthen Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking refers to a logic based thought process, where individuals articulate and are able to think under pressure by not succumbing to trying situations, and establishing case and effect relationships between events, for better understanding and promoting rational thought processes. Planets Power may assist you in enhancing your analytical thinking abilities by providing recommendations based on your planetary chart and combinations.

Health Issues & Stress Management

Stress is a psychological and physical reaction to the ever-increasing demands of life, and in our preset busy lifestyle it certainly affects our health, both mental and physical. Planets Power can help you identify and channel this stress and understand any weaknesses in your planetary charts that may be enhancing these feelings. We can then guide you through methods that can strengthen any weak aspects of your chart and help you reduce the stress and anxiety of daily life.  

Relationship Management

Our contentment and capacity to flourish are significantly influenced by our relationships. Healthy relationships can provide us with support, affection, excitement and ultimately love. However, when relationships go wrong, they can be a source of deep sorrow and distress. We help you with suggestions based on your planetary positions that may assist you to manage complex problems that may manifest from your relationships. We can also conduct a relationship compatibility check to guide you on the astrological compatibility of your charts and guide you on how to strengthen this relationship.

Career Counselling

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions in one’s life, as work and profession in most cases become a defining element of an individual. Hence it is key to ensure that one chooses a career field that is congruent to the personality traits and skills. We will help you though this choice process by suggesting the most appropriate options based on your most favorable planets.

Strategic Recruitment at Key Management Levels

Senior Management is akin to the steering team at the helm of a ship. A group of right professionals with the required acumen and ability to lead businesses with confidence and conviction is imperative, as is the ability to identify sound personalities with the perfect disposition that match the values of the business.

Children’s Mental Growth

Children truly are the real wealth and treasure of this world. They need to be fostered well and instilled with values that prepare them to lead the world and make their own mark, to help make the world a better place tomorrow. This requires constant learning and development of mental abilities to cope with education and extra-curricular activities. We can help with suggested measures based on their planetary positions that aim to augment mental growth and the development of your child.


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Communication Skills

Communication is much deeper than exchanging information. It is about understanding the emotions and intentions behind the information, and developing the ability to clearly convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way that you intended. Planetary influences can be challenging to these skills and we can help identify any such challenges as well as methods to strengthen these aspects.


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