In the month of September three major positive changes happened in planetry system. The positive effects  due to these changes will start coming up soon and will continue throughout this month and further also. Some better planets movements are also going to happen during this month which would further enhance the momentum. The major 10 days festival of  Durga Pooja or Dussehra will also be celebrated in this month.

Just have a look at the Last month Major planet changes.

29th September 2020:           

Planet Saturn changed its direction on 29th Sep 2020, which was in reverse direction since 11th May 2020.  It is one of the best changes for the last month and their effects should be felt slowly-slowly in positive direction now. . Planet Saturn represents service sector, hard work with less remuneration, low technology industry, mass production work, morticians, farmers, agriculture, agriculturists, work with metal, iron, steel and leather products, service etc.  It also represents longevity, debt, sorrow, grief. So it is expected that it would help in improving overall situation in service industry, market conditions and general happiness .The overall impact should be encouraging and positive.

The Saturn is going to remain continue in Forward direction in Capricorn till 23rd May 2021.

20th September 2020:

Rahu and Ketu movement to Taurus and Scorpio on 20th September 2020 should bring big relief to society. Rahu became exalted in Taurus and ketu became exalted on Scorpio. Rahu & Ketu will remain in this sign till 17th of March 2022. As these two planets are occupying their powerful position, so it is expected that there will be an overall better outcome for general public. Rahu & Ketu both are known to bring  sudden changes. As this current transit  is in their excalted house so expected tobe sudden changes in positve direction.

13th September 2020:

Planet Jupiter which represent Knowledge, wisdom and religious matter has changed its direction to forward after a long time. Jupiter was moving in reverse direction since 15th May 2020. This change can add many positively in the field of Education and religious matter, chances are high that some announcement come in place that helps students to attain school, collages, institutions, or other religious places starts opening soon. Jupiter movement in Forward direction can bring many positive changes in coming days.

Planet Mars in Pisces from  4th Oct 2020:

Planet Mars which representing Energy, courage, bravery, passion, ambition, competitive, Fire, strength, aggressions, assets, immovable properties, arguments, quarrels, fights, mechanical or technical ability, sports. It is with action and adventure. It provides best quality of thinking power with clear direction is going to transit in Zodiac sign Pisces in Reverse direction. So it is expected that people may feel ease and situastion at border became calm. More sutaible consition for  Outdoor sports like football, cricket, hockey etc. and it can further pickup momentum. It is expected that during this period manufacturers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, mechanics, and Properties prices once again start picking up.

Planet Mercury in Libra :

Planet Mercury which represents communication, confidence, trade, business, speculation, transportation, airports, accounting offices, public places, parks, public assemblies, places of entertainment. In body part it represents nervous control, respiratory functions, bronchial tube, lungs, and direction North is going to transit in its own Zodiac sign Libra. Zodiac sign Libra represents sense of justice, clarity, strong will-power, optimism, and it is highly sensitive. It also represents actors, actresses, financial advisors, hoteliers, legal advisors etc. This transit of Planet Mercury will also be a very good movement in general. It will stay here for almost 3 months. From 14th Oct 2020 till 2ndNov 2020, it will appear in reverse direction and it may slow down thigs related to Libra.

Planet Venus in Zodiac sign Virgo from 23rd Oct 2020 till 16th Nov 2020:

Planet Venus which represents mostly creative fields like actors, actresses, artists, dancers, designers, fashion designers are going to transit through weak position in Zodiac sign Virgo. During this transit Lord of Virgo Mercury will also be in reverse direction, so it is expected that some famous people related to the above-mentioned field may lose their charm in public. After 17th Nov 2020, Planet Venus will be back in its own house, so expect things may be back to nomal .

Planet Sun Transit in Libra from 15th Oct 2020 till 16th Nov 2020.

The Planet Sun which represent the government, administrators, digetive system etc. is going to its weak position for one month from 15th Oct 2020 till 16th Nov 2020. This movement happens every year same time so nothing much special except people should use easy to digest food else chances of indigestion are high. Those who are on authoritative positions, may lose cool frequently so patience is required and those who are working class may observe frequent upset bosses, so be calm and let the time go for one month. 

Overall, these movement are good for general public and things should move in positive direction. Be calm , stay positive .

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An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, an Entrepreneur and worked as an IT Consultant for many multinational companies in India & mostly aboard. He is passionate about Understanding Vedic astrology  scientifically  and bringing accuracy in prediction. He is  practicing it for more than 20 years. 

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