The question is whether Planet Mars prolonged transit in to Zodiac sign Pisces & Aries will bring over all Prosperity and help Industry & Economy to comeup soon ?

In the current situation, people are going through a phase of low energy where joblessness, reduced income, loss of business and so many  uncertenties in life are common. Many countries have just started opening up the market and transportation. Shadow of virus is still present in many countries So, let us try to answer this question based on Trasnit of Planet Mars and its expected impact from vedic astrology prespective .The other slow moving  planets like Saturn transiting in its own sign Capricorn, Jupiter is also transiting in Capricon which will move to its own sign sagittarus on 30th June and transiting Rahu & Ketu in Gemini & Sagittarus respectively till 19th Sep 2020 , Mercury is transiting through its own sign Gemini and Venus through  its own sign Tauras. After Mercury movment in Gemini, Finincial market started  growing up .

Now, let us understand about Planet Mars transit. Planet Mars is going to transit into Zodiac Sign Pisces from 18th June  till 15th August 2020. This transit of Mars in Pisces is not normal. Generally, Planets Mars takes 45 days to cross one Zodiac sign, but this time it is going to stay for very long duration in Pisces. After Pisces, Planet Mars will enter into Zodiac sign Aries from 16th August till 9th Sep 2020, however, in these many days it will travel only three and half degree into Aries. After this point, Mars will appear moving in reverse direction from Planet earth and it enter again in to Zodiac sign Pisces on 3rd Oct 2020. It will stay in Pisces till 15th Nov 2020. From 16th Nov 2020 , it will change the direction again, and it will back in Aries by 23rd Dec 2020. Mars will enter again in Aries from 24th Dec till 22nd Feb 2021. Mars will transist in Pisces and Aries for more than 8 months.

Planet Mars movement is shown in below table.

Planet Mars  represents  Energy, courage, bravery, passion, ambition, competitiveness,strength,aggressions, arguments, quarrels, fights. It also primarily represents immovable properties, mechanical or technical work, fire, sports. Its direction is south. it is with action and adventure and it provides best quality of thinking power with clear direction.

Zodiac Sign Pisces is considered watery sign with easy gain and it denotes fortune, knowledge, wisdom, materialistic pursuits, comforts, enjoyments, cheerfulness, carefulness etc. In human body , it primarily represents lymphatic system, blood circulation, feet.

Mars Transit in Zodiac Sign Pisces (18th Jun — 15th Aug,   4th Oct —23rd Dec 2020)

As indicated above,  when Planet Mars transits into Zodiac sign Pisces then it is expected that, people get energized and life become more comfortable in general. People may start practicing more spirituality and becoming  more religious during this time period. Various important  market segments like Real Estate, Industries, Automobiles, outdoor sports, energy sector, Crude oil make remarkable progress and changes will be very visible . It may help in improving lymphatic system and  in turn immune system in body, in general.

Mars Transit in Zodiac sign Aries (16th Aug —3rd Oct,   24th Dec —22nd Feb 2020)

Aries is the own sign of Planet Mars and it becomes very strong in Aries. Aries is a fiery sign and its colour is bright red. Mars means Energy, activeness, strongness, aggressiveness. It also primarily represensts  commanders, executives, manufacturers, military and para-military forces, police.  So It is expected that during this period work related to manufacturers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, mechanics and technical works once again start gaining momentum. Even Properties prices once again start imroving . Outdoor sports like football, cricket, hockey etc. also start gaining momentum. Working class people try to become more independent and try to start their own business.There are also chances that military commanders related to bright Red colour will be more in limelight. Speeches of various top world leaders  may become  little harsh . Crude oil price may increase very fast .

30th June 2020 – Transition of Jupiter in Sagittarius

Planet Jupiter back in its own sign Sagittarius, but still reverse, so over all situation should improve. Jupiter will be way away from Ketu in Sagittarius, so there is no chance of getting old issues resurface again during this transit.

20th September Rahu & Ketu will move to Scorpio and Taurus –This transit of Rahu and Ketu will be for next  18 months starting from 20th Sep 2020. Its impact will be discussed in another blog.

13th September 2020, Jupiter will change its direction to forward direction, this movement of planets should further add some positivity in general .

29th September 2020, Saturn will change its direction and start moving in forward direction. It is expected that over all situation and market condition will further improve and may oil prices start picking up.

20th November 2020, Jupiter will enter in to Capricorn and will remain their for one year where it become debilitated, and it is expected that some religious groups or matter  will be more in attention due to some wrong reasons. Detailed analysis will be provided in another blog.


Note- These are general indications. For any  Personal or specific analysis, you can contact directly by sending e-mail on with your full name and birth details.

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