Fast Changing Trend in the Month of September 2020 !!
In the month of September all Planets will change their position or way of movement. This month may change overall trend in positive direction,

1st September 2020:
Start with Planet Venus which represents luxury in life, knowledge of life saving drugs, creativity, etc. is going to change their place to Zodiac sign Cancer on 1st of September 2020. Zodiac sign Cancer is considered watery sign, which is easy going, so expected it would help to add things to move in positive direction.

2nd of September 2020:
Planet Mercury which represents communication, confidence, trade, business, speculation, transportation, airports, accounting offices, public places, parks, public assemblies, places of entertainment. In body part it represents nervous control, respiratory functions, bronchial tube, lungs, Direction North is going to transit in its own Zodiac sign Virgo, where it becomes Exalted and powerful, So it is expected Area represented by Mercury should improve very fast. After 22nd of September, Planet Mercury will move to Zodiac sign Libra where it will stay for almost 3 months. This transit of Planet Mercury will also be a very good movement.

7th September 2020:
Planet Mars which representing Energy, courage, bravery, passion, ambition, competitive, Fire, strength, aggressions, assets, immovable properties, arguments, quarrels, fights, mechanical or technical ability, sports. It is with action and adventure. It provides best quality of thinking power with clear direction is going to change its direction to Reverse and it will stay focused in its own Sign Aries. Expected people will have more concentration on these areas this month. It is also expected that military commanders may be more in news. Outdoor sports like football, cricket, hockey etc. pick up momentum. It is expected that during this period manufacturers, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, mechanics, and Properties prices once again start picking up.

13th September 2020:
Planet Jupiter which represent Knowledge, wisdom and religious matter is going to change their direction after a long time. Jupiter was moving in reverse direction since 15th May 2020, and now that is going to move in forward direction, which can add many positively in the field of Education and religious matter, chances are high that some announcement come in place that helps students to attain school, collages, institutions or other religious places starts opening soon. Jupiter movement in Forward direction can bring many positive changes in coming days.

16th September 2020:
Planet Sun will move to Virgo, that is also a positive movement which may help in further enhancement in financial market, trade etc.

20th September 2020:
Most awaited changes of position of shadow planet Rahu and Ketu is going to happen on 20th September 2020. This itself should bring big relief to society. The Rahu will move to Zodiac sign Taurus and Ketu will move to Zodiac sign Scorpio. Rahu becomes exalted in Taurus, ketu becomes exalted on Scorpio. Rahu & Ketu will remain in this sign till 17th of March 2022. As these two planets are occupying their powerful position, so is expected that there will be an overall better outcomes for general public.

29th September 2020:
Finally, Planet Saturn which was in reverse direction since 11th May 2020 will change direction and start moving in forward direction. It is one of the best change for this month. It is expected that it would help in improvement of overall situation and market condition.
So, these positive movements are there in the month of September and it is expected that things should move faster and in positive direction. Stay calm, be creative and industrious.

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Deepak Kuumar

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, an Entrepreneur and worked as an IT Consultant for many multinational companies in India & mostly aboard. He is passionate about Understanding Vedic astrology  scientifically  and bringing accuracy in prediction. He is  practicing it for more than 20 years. 

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