Eventful August 2020 !!

The month of August bring many positive changes in planetary positions. In the beginning of the month, Planet Venus which is in Zodiac sign Taurus for long time since 28th March 2020, is starting its journey further and moving to Zodiac sign Gemini for one month. Planet Mercury, which is in Zodiac sign Gemini for last 68 days from 25th May 2020, is starting it journey on 2nd of August, and will move to Zodiac sign Cancer for 16 days and then it will move to Zodiac sign Leo on 16th August. Planet Mars, which is in Pisces, will move to its own sign Aries, where it becomes strong on 16th of August.  Same day Planet Sun will move to its own sign Leo where it becomes strong. Both Mars and Sun will be in its own sign and at strong position for almost next one month and can make the confidence in people very high and aggressive mood. People should be calm during this time as energy level would be very high that need to be properly channelized. Rahu & Ketu Axis, which was stationary for last 2 months, has started moving now. This movement will also increase over all activities in all field. Jupiter and Saturn are already in their own sign, which should also give strength to positive activities.

So overall, it is going to be high eventful period with a lot of activities and adventure. It is expected that these high activities period may bring many things on tract which was delayed and big boost towards normalization after 2nd of August. People should observe more patience in the later half of the month. So, stay Positive, focused and calm.  

About Author

Deepak Kuumar

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, an Entrepreneur and worked as an IT Consultant for many multinational companies in India & mostly aboard. He is passionate about Understanding Vedic astrology  scientifically  and bringing accuracy in prediction. He is  practicing it for more than 20 years. 

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